Transplant Surgeons Services

Testing of Donor Tissue

All transplantable tissue is tested for HIV Ab I/II, HBsAg, HCV Ab, HepB Core Ab, HIV-I/HCV NAT and RPR. All non- transplantable tissue is tested for HIV Ab I/II and for HBsAg, HBcAB total and HIV-I/HCV NAT.

Tissue Evaluation

All transplantable tissue is carefully evaluated. Corneal tissue is evaluated by Slit Lamp and by Specular Biomicroscopy. Using these assessments and the donor’s medical history, the tissue is rated and offered to the corneal surgeons for patients awaiting transplant.

Tissue Distribution and Follow Up

When tissue is sent out for transplant or for medical research, a donor information packet accompanies the tissue. Corneas and whole globes are sent out in styrofoam coolers and are packed with wet ice. For transplantable and non-transplantable tissue the medical and social history, the blood work, the cornea/whole globe evaluation, and the information surrounding death are included. Along with the transplantable tissue packet is a waiver of liability form and an Adverse Reaction Form. The Adverse Reaction Form is to be filed in the recipient’s medical chart. A recipient follow up form is sent as well and should be returned to the Eye Foundation two weeks following transplantation.