“I want to say thank you for your family’s donation of the cornea that restored my sight. I was not able to read or drive before I had the transplant two months ago and I am now able to do both. It has given me back my independence and that is a great gift. I will be eternally grateful.”  – TRANSPLANT RECIPIENT
“The week after my surgery I was able to read the seventh line on the eye chart. My husband and I were elated. I say a prayer of thanks everyday for your loved one. One who thought enough about mankind to give someone the gift of sight. It is a very humbling experience to be one on the receiving end.” – TRANSPLANT RECIPIENT
“We are pleased that Tom’s corneas were made available for two needy and deserving recipients and hope it has re-energized your vision. While we are greatly saddened at the loss of our son, we take comfort in knowing that through this donation he is helping many others to an improved way of life.” – DONOR FAMILY
“I hope you can find some comfort knowing my life has completely changed because of your unselfish act. Words cannot express how thankful I am for your generosity and compassion.” – TRANSPLANT RECIPIENT
“For nearly three months I’ve been trying to find the right words to express my deepest gratitude for this precious gift. It has changed my life forever. I have come to the realization that there are no adequate words. I will “pay it forward”. This is a promise.” – TRANSPLANT RECIPIENT
“There is no greater gift than giving someone a chance to regain their eyesight, especially an avid reader. I am that avid reader and the selfless act of donating a cornea means more to me than all the riches on earth.” – TRANSPLANT RECIPIENT
“A big thank you for a gigantic gesture! I am the lucky recipient of a beautiful cornea from your very generous donation. The most difficult part for me had been in my classroom. I still have a lot of years of teaching left in me and am thrilled that I can now see everything going on in my classroom.” – TRANSPLANT RECIPIENT

You have the power to change someone’s world!


Creating Memories…

Can you imagine feeling as though you are looking at life through a foggy windshield? More than 40,000 Americans find themselves faced with this challenge each year. They suffer from corneal blindness. These individuals are facing a life of blurred images. The good news is the gift of sight restoration is possible through the medical miracle of corneal transplantation. Renewed vision means making crystal clear memories happen for those in need.

Old Dominion Eye Foundation (ODEF) provides quality human eye tissue for sight restoration through the promotion of eye donor awareness and the care of donors, recipients and their families. Serving the Commonwealth of Virginia with offices in Manassas, Richmond, and Roanoke, ODEF is accredited through the Eye Bank Association of America.

Sight restoration offers patients a new chance at a healthy, productive, normal life filled with amazing memories. You have the power to changes someone’s world.


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