Hospice patients can be eye donors. When a patient passes away the hospice staff member can make the referral to our donor center 1.800.832.0728. Our trained staff will review the hospice patient’s medical history at the time of death to determine donation suitability. If the patient is medically suitable to become a donor ODEF will work with the hospice to establish roles, expectations and the next steps.

Discussing the donation option with the hospice patient and their family when embarking on the hospice journey can eliminate having to make difficult decisions at the time of death. If your patient is interested in signing up to be a donor they can do so at DonateLifeVirginia.org.

At any time a hospice may contact Old Dominion Eye Foundation for an inservice training on eye donation and transplantation.

Funeral Homes & Medical Examiners

Old Dominion Eye Foundation is committed to maintaining open communication with funeral homes and medical examiners and continuously seeks ways to improve the donation process. Your role in the donation process is an important one. A few simple steps can help us provide sight to countless individuals:

  • Help honor the donor’s wishes by scheduling body preparation and embalming after the tissue has been recovered.
  • Please ensure the eyes are closed.
  • Do not use any disinfectant or eye caps until after the recovery is complete.
  • Keep the body cool to help preserve the corneas.

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