Caleb spends his spare time on the baseball field. Between ball games he loves reading history books and swimming. All the things a 12-year-old should do. However, seven years ago, after an accident, he was told that he would never see out of his right eye again–making all of these activities nearly impossible. “The doctor told us there was nothing he could do. As a mother it was devastating to hear. He was only 5 at the time, and all I could think about was all of the things he was going to miss out on in life,” said Andrea, Caleb’s mom. His parents refused to give up easily. They continued to search for an ophthalmologist that could help. When they met Dr. Donna Brown at the Virginia Eye Institute they were relieved to learn that a corneal transplant and removing a traumatic cataract could restore Caleb’s sight. The impact has been tremendous. “It is still very emotional for me to think about someone giving him this gift. Each new experience he encounters is special because someone had the courage to donate.”